Human beings are the subject and beneficiary of all human activities. Therefore, the process and the results of management activities must result in human beings and the dignity and worth of human beings must be respected first. We will treat all employees and customers as the best assets and values, and strive to realize a human-respecting society.


Businesses must operate for their customers. I believe that only a company that puts the customer first can make honest profits, and only a company that puts the customer first can grow. We will become a company that can always be together with customers.


The pace of change is accelerating. How a company responds to the changing environment determines its business performance and survival. Development and growth are guaranteed through constant change and self-innovation starting with myself and the company I belong to, and I will become a true leader in the 21st century.


In order to develop into a globalized global company and to procure world-class parts in the most economical way for domestic and foreign customers, we will establish a global network with the concept of Bigshine Worldwide and accelerate our entry into the global market to become a leading player in globalization in the era of limitless competition without borders.